2025 Ford Expedition Caught Driving Around With Some Hefty Changes

2025 Ford Expedition Caught Driving Around With Some Hefty Changes

Key Takeaways

  • Ford is updating the Expedition to align with the F-150 and Ranger, focusing on exterior changes like sleek headlights and a cleaner rear design.
  • The interior will receive a major update with an 11.1-inch infotainment touchscreen and a 48-inch screen stretching across the dashboard.
  • Ford aims to increase competitiveness by potentially adding the hybrid option.

Ford is giving the full-sized Expedition a refresh befitting the brand’s biggest SUV, and recently our spy photographers caught it nearly uncamouflaged out and about in Michigan, giving an almost complete picture of what we should expect. Although the model received a refresh in 2022, Ford believes it’s best to keep the model in step with the F-150 and recently updated Ranger with updates inside and out.

2024 Ford Expedition




3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas


380 hp

Fuel Economy

17/23 MPG

Ford is currently in a bit of an odd place as it’s pivoting to hybrid models away from EVs and refocusing its efforts on reliability and quality products. The Expedition has always been a standout for the brand, despite the current generation being on sale since 2018, and this is thanks to the attention to detail Ford has given it over the years that helps it to feel fresh.

Extensive Exterior Changes

The front of the model sees the most significant changes, with the lighting elements incorporating the DRLs and turn signals. Instead of the previous squared-off looks, these open downward and are better integrated into the grille, offering a sleeker appearance. Combined with the new front bumper, we like the look of this redesign a lot, and more of this could have been carried over to the Ranger.

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The metal is the same on the sides, but the C-pilar is now hidden behind glass for a cleaner look to the greenhouse and the new wheels give the model an upscale presence. Updated chrome trim travels down the window sills toward the rear where they come in contact with the slightly smaller taillights. The window in the rear appears to be slimmer, with a wiper blade that now extends down from a hidden compartment in the roof. Finally, the rear bumper has also been altered, and may even be raised up a bit higher than the previous one.

Interior Is Also Getting An Update

The Lincoln Nautilus is donating its crazy interior to the Expedition, which means an 11.1-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard beneath a monstrous 48-inch screen that stretches from A-pilar to A-pilar. Pictures were recently taken of this interior, and fortunately, you can see it still features physical controls for things like the gear selector and radio, while the HVAC will be found on the screen.


Ford Pivoting Toward Hybrids In Europe Like Everyone Else

Ford is slowing down its EV timeline.

Given the new technology, it will most likely offer a fun startup sequence similar to the Lincoln, but don’t expect it to be as all-encompassing. Motivation for the model will continue to come from the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, but our fingers are crossed Ford finally introduces the hybrid setup from the F-150, given how much buyers have been eating them up recently.

Ford Expedition spy shots depict an 11.1-inch central touchscreen.
Ford Expedition spy shots depict an 11.1-inch central touchscreen.