Batwoman Just Became Gotham City’s Newest Gunslinger

Batwoman Just Became Gotham City’s Newest Gunslinger

The following contains major spoilers for Outsiders #8, on sale now from DC Comics.

Batwoman has teamed up with Jinny Hex to become DC’s latest gunslinger. Unfortunately, it might be the last thing she does.

Outsiders #8 brings readers to the middle of Ghost Town Zero, a secluded, dilapidated place in Texas that is filled with restless spirits. There, Batwoman attempts to rescue Jinny Hex from whatever predicament she is in, only to discover that the latter has effectively cursed herself by unleashing the full power of the ominous pistol once wielded by her ancestor, Jonah Hex. In a shocking turn, Kate decides to take the curse of the pistol upon herself rather than let Jinny be relegated to whatever fate it would otherwise have in store for her, officially marking Batwoman as DC’s latest supernatural gunslinger.


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Outsiders #8

  • Written by JACKSON LANZING
  • Letters by TOM NAPOLITANO
  • Main cover art by ROGER CRUZ & ADRIANO LUCAS
  • Variant covers by CHRISTIAN WARD and DON AGUILLO

The Old West gunslinger known as Jonah Hex made his DC Comics debut all the way back in 1972’s All-Star Western #10 in the story “Jonah Hex: Welcome to Paradise” by writer John Albano and artist Tony DeZuniga. Though the majority of Jonah’s stories took place during the 1800s, he has crossed paths with numerous modern-day superheroes due to various supernatural circumstances. The current iteration of Jonah Hex is also unique in that, up until his death, he boasted an undying zombie physiology. Since losing his life during the events of 2020’s Death Metal, Jonah has made a handful of appearances as a spirit.

The current iteration of Jinny Hex, Jonah’s great-great-granddaughter, made her first appearance in the pages of 2018’s Batman Giant #4 in the story “Batman Universe, Part 2” by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Nick Derington. Jinny’s mother, Stella Hex, was abandoned by her former husband, Jack Duckett, who was secretly a centuries-old associate of Jonah who had manipulated Stella to his own ends. After coming into possession of Jonah’s old cache of weapons and artifacts including the Godseye, Jinny was set on her path as an unwitting hero.


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Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, has come a long way since her first appearance in Edmond Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff’s “Batman: The Batwoman” from the pages of 1956’s Detective Comics #233. Although every iteration of the character has been a veritable hero in their own right, the modern-day Batwoman has faced more than most if not all of her predecessors. Kate’s search for Jinny came about due to a warning she received from the Spirit of the 21st Century herself, Jenny Crisis, who Batwoman met during her time with the Outsiders.

Outsiders #8 is on sale now from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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