Beavercreek woman’s goal with updates to home was to make it comfortable and clean
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Beavercreek woman’s goal with updates to home was to make it comfortable and clean

Multhopp prefers a country design, while her husband, Dieter, leans toward angles, glass and silver, so the couple has settled on a modern aesthetic for the home.

Multhopp jokes that she has upgraded the 1959 home to at least the 1980s. Improvements included the kitchen and bathroom.

“You can never believe how great those walk in tubs are until you get one,” she said.

The Beavercreek resident, who works as a senior program manager and task lead, is ready to move on to outdoor projects.

A new roof was added two years ago, and her next project will be the backyard.

“We’re trying to come up with a design for the backyard now that the pool is gone,” she said. “We’re entirely enclosed by trees and it’s very private. I’d like to do a really nice sitting area for the family.”

Name: Cheryl Multhopp

Age: 58

Hometown: Beavercreek

Year your home was built: 1959

Square footage: 1,724

Architectural design: Mid-century ranch

Spouse name and number of years married/number children, grandchildren: Married to Dieter Multhopp for 9 years, and I have 2 adult children.

How long have you been in your house: Dieter was married to Nina (passed in 2012) for 20 years before being married to me. They bought the house in 1993.

What changed your house into a home: The kids in the house makes it a home.

What is your favorite part of your home and why: I like the back deck the most.

Most difficult house project: So many — there was an Esther Williams above ground pool in the house when Dieter moved in (1965 model). Over the years it was sometimes opened, sometimes a frog breeding ground. This past winter, we removed the pool and reclaimed the yard. It took a lot of work.

Also, in 2013, we completely renovated the house by removing carpets and putting down tile, painting every wall. It took four months to complete and we had to get rid of so much stuff. Also had to install two steps in the garage and laundry room entrances. My short little legs couldn’t navigate the big step. The refresh was awesome. Made the old house look new.

But in the last five years we got a new roof and we put in a walk-in tub and bidet; also had to take down eight mature trees. So, we are really ready for retirement!

What was your inspiration for the project: Dieter and Nina had so many little dogs in the house over the years, it needed a refresh and clean up.

Future house projects: I want to spruce up the backyard now that there is room. And will be exploring vent cleaning and insulation to add energy efficiencies where possible. The direction of the house is not sufficient for solar panels ― we were interested in that. I will not be successful, but I would love to talk my husband into losing the awnings ― I think refresh of those would be costly and he is under the impression that keeping the house to the original façade is the way to keep the value. It’s not a car.

Advice to anyone looking to refresh or remodel their home: Go with a professional and not just a handy man. We were scammed by three before I figured that out. Also, if you can find a construction professional to install, get your own materials. Make it your own.

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