Cleaner shares ‘correct’ way to clean toilet – you’ve been doing it all wrong
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Cleaner shares ‘correct’ way to clean toilet – you’ve been doing it all wrong

A professional cleaner has taken to social media to share the ‘correct’ way to clean a toilet, and people are absolutely loving the tip – it’s one of those things that makes you wonder why you’ve never thought of it yourself

A professional cleaner has revealed the best way to scrub the toilet (stock)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

We Brits pride ourselves on our cleanliness, but sometimes our methods might not be as effective as we think.

We often fall into habits that may not necessarily be the best way to do things but, thankfully, a professional housekeeper has revealed her secret to immaculately cleaning your toilet – so at least that’s one thing we can get right.

The woman, who goes by vanesamaro91 on TikTok, pointed out that common mistakes often lead to people overlooking a crucial part of the toilet. To start, she said you need to don gloves and then actually remove the toilet seat before proceeding with anything else.

She then places the seat in a shower and sprays it with some bleach cleaner. Once this is done, you can pop some toilet cleaner down the toilet.

You need to give it some time to “let it work” while you continue cleaning elsewhere. When the cleaner has done its job, she begins bleaching the area where the seat was removed. This enables her to eliminate the rusty marks that have accumulated around where the seat attaches to the bowl.

She also rinses the area to ensure it’s left sparkling clean before washing the toilet bowl with the product she’s allowed to settle. The expert simply uses the toilet brush to scrub it into the bowl before rinsing it all away.

Afterwards, she shifts focus to the bottom area of the loo where it’s attached to the floor. She applies some cleaning spray and then wipes it down with a paper towel to clean up any lingering dust.

In her video, she told people to focus on the area where the toilet meets the floor, urging viewers to scrub until all yellow stains have vanished. After this is done, she cleans the toilet seat before reattaching it.