Eden Golan gives a flawless performance in Eurovision final despite boos

Eden Golan gives a flawless performance in Eurovision final despite boos

Eden Golan gave a flawless performance of the song “Hurricane” in the Eurovision final in Malmo, Sweden on Saturday night, as some in the crowd booed her, while others cheered.

The song references the October 7 massacre carried out by Hamas in Israel, and her performance brought out the serious meaning of the song.

At the end of the song, she recites a few lines in Hebrew, that mean: “We don’t need big words, just prayers/Even if it’s hard to see/You always leave me one little light.” The haters tried to drown out these words, as they did on Thursday night, but Golan kept her cool.

In the opening of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, as Golan took her turn walking the stage with the Israeli flag, the organizers played the pop tune, “I Love It” by Icona Pop, which features the chorus, “I don’t care/I love it,” and she beamed.

Eurovision’s defiant performers

Eden Golan representing Israel performs on stage during the rehearsal of the second semi-final of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmo, Sweden, May 8, 2024. (credit: LEONHARD FOEGER / REUTERS)

Golan has faced down the haters throughout the Eurovision competition which began on Tuesday, enduring boos and derisive shouts as she performed in the second semi finals on Thursday night, and at dress rehearsals, so she earned this background music.

Some performers have shown open contempt for her at press events. Ireland’s contestant, Bambie Thug, told reporters they cried when it was announced that Golan would take part in the final. 

All of the 26 acts performing in the Grand Final got a moment to walk the stage holding the flag of the country they are representing at the opening. 

Tali Golergant, an Israeli who is performing for Luxembourg, also walked the stage to cheers, and later performed her song, “Fighter,” for to an enthusiastic response.

Golan received a meaningful call from Gal Gadot, who told her in a FaceTime call Saturday to concentrate on her performance and to tune out those who want to discourage or rattle her. 

Another 20 acts will perform after her, and then the voting will begin. Golan, who went into the competition projected to take eighth place, rose to second in the betting tables after the semi final. The winner of the Grand Final is determined by a combination of audience televoting and national juries. Golan is predicted to win the audience televoting.