Emma Chamberlain Says These Are the 10 Best Home Decor Trends to Try Right Now
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Emma Chamberlain Says These Are the 10 Best Home Decor Trends to Try Right Now

I’ve been obsessed with Emma Chamberlain since well before she was casually hosting the Met Gala red carpet coverage and attending every fashion week under the sun. As a loyal Emma Chamberlain groupie, I tune into her hilariously candid podcast, Anything Goes, every week. As the name suggests, the episodes offer a little bit of everything, including advice sessions, interviews with fellow celebs, and rants about whatever is happening in her life. When I opened up Spotify over the weekend for some entertainment on my hot girl walk, I could not be more thrilled to see my obsession with this podcast intersecting with my love for home decor. In her latest episode, Emma opened up about her love for “the art of the home” and gave a rundown on her favorite home decor trends.

The podcast episode isn’t her first foray into home decor content—you may remember when her viral Architectural Digest home tour took over the internet—so it’s safe to say we know her taste is top-tier. Keep scrolling for Emma’s picks for this year’s best home decor trends and how to try them in your own space.

1. Pops of Red

Emma subscribes to the unexpected red theory that was all over TikTok at the beginning of the year. If you somehow missed the trend, the theory says that all you need to add visual interest to a room and tie the space together is a pop of red in a place it wouldn’t typically go. “My dad told me once that almost everything in life could use a pop of red: an art piece, a room in a home, an outfit,” Emma said in the podcast. “A pop of red can really bring life to almost anything.” Thanks for the wise words, Mr. Chamberlain! To add a pop of red to your home, start simple with small accessories, then go all-in with larger investment pieces if you love the look.

2. Warm Wood Tones

Move over, light-wash wood! Emma much prefers the charm and coziness of warm wood tones. Many homes these days opt for lighter, gray-toned woods, but Emma said she finds these give off a sterile, too-modern look. Her house features warm, natural wood on the floors, doors, furniture, and even ceilings. If you aren’t ready to stain your floors, here are some wood pieces that can add some warmth to your home.

Let the record show that Emma is 100 percent on board with the gallery wall trend. She loves the playfulness, texture, and vibrance eclectic gallery walls add to a home. She is specifically obsessed with gallery walls that are tailored to each individual and made up of sentimental pieces that tell a story. In the podcast episode, she recommended taking the time to put together a gallery wall of art pieces you genuinely love and that mean something to you. Not rushing the gallery wall process ensures you don’t fall victim to short-lived trends, and you’ll have a final product you’ll love for years and years. She recommends vintage shopping, thrifting, and even creating your own art for pieces that are unique to your space but not too expensive.

4. Stripes

Stripes are Emma’s pattern of choice. While she said she thinks other patterns like geometric shapes or abstract florals are cute, they don’t have the same charm and dimension as stripes, and she fears they won’t stand the test of time like a classic stripe will. “It’s a pattern that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of,” she said during her passionate rant about stripes on her podcast. Adding stripes to your home can be as easy as adding a vase to your coffee table or as elaborate as reupholstering your couch with a striped fabric. No matter how you choose to dip your toe into stripes, it’s sure to look incredible.

5. Unique Wallpaper

Emma wants to see more weird, unusual, and unique wallpapers in people’s homes. In her opinion, there’s a fine line between love and hate with these wallpapers because you want the effect to be visually interesting but not overwhelming or so busy you get sick of the pattern in a few months. However, when you find that perfect wallpaper, it can transform a space. “I think if you’re willing to take some risk and you’re excited to take some risk, it can be very rewarding,” she said. “As long as you’re asking yourself throughout the process, ‘Is this something I’m going to like indefinitely?’” Pro-tip: Try a peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s easy to apply and remove before committing to the real deal.

6. Exposed Shelving

Emma’s affinity toward exposed shelving is twofold. First, it’s functional. All of your go-to kitchenware is out and easily accessible. Second, you can turn everyday essentials into cute decor. “It inspires you to have fun with objects that would normally be maybe basic or boring,” Emma said. Instead of keeping things tucked away in a cabinet, you can get more creative and convey your personality through simple things like cups and bowls. To add exposed shelving to your own home, buy some floating shelves, mount them in a prominent spot, and then decorate them with colorful glassware, vases, and bowls.

emma chamberlain home decor trends

emma chamberlain home decor trends

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

emma chamberlain home decor trends

emma chamberlain home decor trends

7. Jewel Tones

Rich, deep jewel tones add a warmth to spaces that Emma can’t resist. Her own home features tons of jewel tones, and the cozy environment they create is undeniable. The colors play beautifully off the warm woods in her home, and Emma said pairing these trends together reminds her of the homey, comfortable cabin her grandfather lives in. It sounds like Emma’s grandfather may be the blueprint for eclectic grandpa style, and we’re kind of obsessed.

8. Unusual Accessories

Some of Emma’s favorite decor pieces are those unusual, slightly odd pieces that don’t serve a purpose beyond adding joy to a space. “They’re little things in your home that just make you smile when you see them,” Emma said. For example, Emma has a duck-shaped home phone—not to take calls but just to make you giggle a little when you see it. Next time you’re shopping, look out for quirky pieces that brighten your day and add some personality to your space.

9. Chrome Details

Emma is all about chrome details and prefers the shiny, silvery finish over brass and bronze. She feels chrome adds a retro touch while also feeling cool and futuristic. Silver has been everywhere this year, and silver decor has already made its way into many homes. This Emma Chamberlain-approved trend is a super easy way to revamp a room that needs a little pick-me-up.

10. Vintage Pieces

In Emma’s opinion, vintage is the way to go when furnishing a home. By shopping secondhand, you remove yourself from the trend cycle, so you aren’t constantly buying new pieces that go out of style in mere months. Plus, you end up with pieces others won’t have. If you’re worried about buying vintage pieces that aren’t in perfect condition, rest easy because that’s another trend Emma loves. Pieces with a bit of wear, some nicks or chips, or a stain or two have far more character than something brand new. These imperfections can actually have a very comforting effect.

“There’s something very cozy and very human about things that are a little bit imperfect,” she said. In Emma’s experience, spotless homes and complete perfection are almost uncomfortable. She believes a home should be lived in, not just a display. To start collecting your own vintage pieces, start local with thrift stores and vintage shops in your area or peruse online marketplaces like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.