Jason Biggs’ Wife Says She Was ‘Horrified’ After Watching ‘American Pie’

Jason Biggs’ Wife Says She Was ‘Horrified’ After Watching ‘American Pie’

Jason Biggs

Wife Didn’t See ‘American Pie’ Before Wedding …

‘Horrified’ After Watching!!!

Jason Biggs is lucky his wife didn’t watch “American Pie” until after they said their vows … ’cause she says she was totally “horrified” by the flick — even if she did laugh.

Jenny Mollen — who married Biggs way back in 2008 — told the New York Post she hadn’t gotten around to watching the 1999 classic when she first met her future husband … adding she considered herself too “highbrow” to consider it.

That changed in the first year of their when JM finally sat down to watch it with the actor — and, thank goodness she waited ’cause she might not have given Biggs

Jenny says she sat in horror while watching the flick — though even admits she couldn’t help but laugh at her man’s most popular movie.

Ultimately, the viewing didn’t end with the happy couple getting a divorce … and, Jason says he actually liked she hadn’t seen the movie when they met — calling it “icing on the cake.” So, sounds like everyone’s glad Jenny waited.

Biggs and Mollen also dove into eloping … actually getting married at a Calabasas FedEx Kinko’s because their families were driving them up the wall about planning.

The two are doing press for their new show “Dinner & and Movie” — where they watch a movie and cook a meal — generally some sort of pun for the film.

“American Pie” is set up perfectly for the meal tie-in … though hopefully it’s still fully intact when they get it!