Jennifer Lawrence Starring In Murder Mystery Inspired By ‘Real Housewives’

Jennifer Lawrence Starring In Murder Mystery Inspired By ‘Real Housewives’

Jennifer Lawrence

Starring In New Murder Mystery …

Inspired By ‘Housewives’!!!

Jennifer Lawrence is going the murder mystery route for her next starring role … a film for Apple that’s apparently inspired by ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise, which is totally fitting.

The actress is set to play the lead in a flick called “The Wives” — which she’s also producing, BTW — and words is … it’s a classic whodunnit, where J Law will get to play a typical housewife in the vein of the Bravo world.

There aren’t a lot of other details yet about Jennifer’s new movie … it was announced Friday and it’s still being developed, so the plot isn’t quite finished and there’s no shoot date. Still … the fact Jen’s doing a ‘Housewives’ thing is honestly perfect casting, ’cause she’s a huge fan!

Remember, J Law is a massive follower of all things ‘Real Housewives’ — and she’s even been on Andy Cohen‘s ‘WWHL’ a handful of times … so it makes sense that she’d tap into this universe at some point in her career.

Apple Original Films says it beat out a ton of competitors for Jennifer’s flick … so, it sounds like there was a bidding war of sorts to snag this one — which suggests it’ll be damn good.

Jennifer will be reciting lines written by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley … they previously teamed up on a Pulitzer Prize finalist play, “Circle Jerk.”

Apple Studios and A24 are heavily involved too … and the production companies actually have a history with Jennifer … they all worked together on her 2022 drama “Causeway.”

Considering this will be a ‘Housewives’-esque film … ya gotta wonder if any cameos will be made by the real ladies. Can’t wait to see it!