Khloe Kardashian Goes Through Intense Workout, Daughter & Nieces Join Her
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Khloe Kardashian Goes Through Intense Workout, Daughter & Nieces Join Her


Going Hard in the Gym …

So is Her Daughter, Nieces!!!

Khloe Kardashian works out like a champion in the gym — and ditto for her daughter … who crashed a recent session and played follow the leader with Mama Bear.

The reality star dropped an IG clip Thursday showing her personal trainer, Don Brooks, pushing her through an intense workout — which she documented on video … and which looks like it’s a straight-up calorie burner, ’cause Khloe was being put through the wringer.

As Khloe does her thing solo … True and her nieces, Dream and Chicago, eventually surfaced in the video as well — and they were mimicking everything Khloe was doing.

Check it out … the little ones were copying Khloe as she went through an agility ladder — and while they’re not nearly as coordinated as KK — the effort is certainly there … and yeah, it’s pretty damn cute.

Khloé offered some fitness wisdom in her caption too BTW … writing, “Just a peek of this workout…. We did so much more! I’m still tired. Consistency is all that matters. Stay consistent. Be proud and patient with yourself 🤍 the small steps deserve praise too.”

Adding an extra dose of inspiration, the video was actually set to the backdrop of one of Denzel Washington‘s motivational messages, including the line “Those who can do, and those who can’t, can’t talk about those who can.” It’s from a famous interview he once did.

No doubt about it — the gym is Khloe’s happy place. And even though she recently revealed a minor injury that sidelined her for 2 months … looks like she’s back to making those gains.

When it comes to the kiddos joining her … hey, it’s never too early to get into a good exercise routine!