Kodak Black Responds To Theft Accusation By Former 6ix9ine Associate

Kodak Black Responds To Theft Accusation By Former 6ix9ine Associate

Kodak Black has responded to accusations of theft and more serious allegations by former 6ix9ine associate SteveWillDoIt.

The drama began when Steve shared a series of accusatory Tweets on Saturday (June 15).

The first from the personality read: “Do rappers make money? Kodak black just tried to rob me for my Richard Mille . Is every rapper broke ??”

A second Tweet read: “Kodak black is 100% on drugs.” A third added: “Guy smokes meth prob insane.”

Kodak responded on Instagram Live, saying: “Kodak is on nothing. Sir, why are you being prejudiced, sir? Have you saw me do any drugs? Have you seen me do meth or anything? Why you being prejudiced? Then you made a Tweet to the whole world, like, I wasn’t finna get on the internet and say, ‘Oh, Steve Will Do It is a bitch.”

He concluded that he didn’t care about Steve’s “big muscles” or “tight ass suit.” He also said he would “knock his drunk ass out.”

The former 6ix9ine affiliate also suggested that he will be confirming his story with video evidence.

“I got full video of Kodak Black trying to run off with my Richard Mille,” Steve Will Do It wrote in a since-deleted post on X (formerly Twitter). “Rappers are sick sick individuals. I won’t be associating myself with rappers unless I can confirm they aren’t brokies. Will post the full video Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Despite the rough words between Kodak and the YouTuber born Stephen Deleonardis, the two used to be friends.

Back in 2022, Steve posted a vlog that showed him surprising Kodak with his “dream car,” a red 1970s Chevrolet “donk” boasting 32-inch Asanti rims, a tricked-out interior and enough subwoofers to keep his entire neighborhood awake.

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In cahoots with Kodak’s brother, Deleonardis and his crew pulled up to the “Super Gremlin” rapper’s Florida home under the guise of having accidentally crashed into his car, a not-so-convincing ploy Kodak saw straight through (“I’m too smooth. I’m a smart-ass n-gga”).

When Kodak — who was shot in the leg in Los Angeles in February of that year — hobbled out to his driveway to assess the alleged damage, that’s when SteveWillDoIt surprised Yak with his brand new whip. According to Kodak’s brother at the time, he had been growing his collection of donks, so the car was very special to him.

“Man, that shit crazy, bro! I’m lost for words,” Kodak said as he processed the generous gift. “Z shit, brotha. This shit beautiful. I don’t know what to say.”