More ‘St. Elmo’s Fire?’ Sony Explores Reuniting Cast Of Seminal ’80s Brat Pack Movie – The Dish

More ‘St. Elmo’s Fire?’ Sony Explores Reuniting Cast Of Seminal ’80s Brat Pack Movie – The Dish

EXCLUSIVE: Andrew McCarthy‘s Hulu documentary Brats has brought back memories of the coming-of-age film where the term “Brat Pack” was coined. Deadline can reveal that Sony is exploring the possibility of making a new version of St. Elmo’s Fire. This version would hinge on reuniting original cast members McCarthy, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham.

The 1985 film that the late Joel Schumacher directed and co-wrote with Carl Kurlander, focused on that transitional period between college and the pressures of finding jobs and starting lives. It was a surprise summer hit with a hugely successful soundtrack. The follow-up would capture the characters as they’ve come out the other end of all that.

Movies get remade all the time, with concepts resuscitated and roles populated by younger actors, but to me this sounds a far more interesting way to reconnect with the original movie. Who doesn’t want to find out what happened in their lives? It is very early going, they don’t even have a script, and I don’t even know that the cast has been talked to yet, but it will be worth watching to see what happens.

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As for the reticence McCarthy showed about the “Brat Pack” label, maybe a second wind will result for him. In an upcoming The Film That Lit My Fuse, Lowe had a pithy assessment of it all, saying that it was really like being identified as a member of the coolest kid club, and who wouldn’t want that?

Lowe does not seem to take himself too seriously, and importantly, still has his hair and youthful looks, to the point he’s arguably more handsome now than he was in the Brat Pack days. Maybe that helps the fact that he’s fine, continuing as a card-carrying member of that club as he stars in and is co-writer and co-creator of the series Unstable, which has Season 2 coming through Netflix.