Morning Joe Crack Open a Couple of Milwaukee’s Best Tall Boys to Mock Trump’s ‘Horrible City’ Comment

Morning Joe Crack Open a Couple of Milwaukee’s Best Tall Boys to Mock Trump’s ‘Horrible City’ Comment

Morning Joe hosts delighted in mocking former President Donald Trump’s remarks that Milwaukee was a “horrible city” by cracking open the city’s best tall boys to kick off Friday morning’s show.

The show opened with a montage celebrating Milwaukee’s iconic pop culture mentions and sports moments to the theme of ABC’s 1970s Milwaukee-based sitcom Laverne And Shirley, a show about two roommates who work together at the local Shotz Brewery.

Clearly having some fun, the Morning Joe production team had clipped Alice Cooper’s famous retort that he’s a “regular visitor” to Milwaukee in 1992 film Wayne’s World. Scenes played out from the Milwaukee Bucks’ record-making 1971 NBA title win, the Bucks 2021 title win, and the Milwaukee Brewers’ famous 1982 comeback from a 2–0 deficit to win the League Championship Series.

Then, as the montage ended, host Mika Brzezinski kicked off the show talking about Republican messy attempts at damage control after Trump’s remarks on Thursday, given that the city is set to host the 2024 Republican Convention in July.

While she did, co-host Joe Scarborough reached down behind the desk to pull out two cans of Milwaukee’s Best Ice – the click and hiss of him opening his can on air as she continued to speak.

“I love Milwaukee,” Scarborough said.

“I know you do,” Brzezinski replied.

Scarborough took a drink and leaned in: “Yeah. It’s delicious. Let me tell you, it

is delicious. Drink it up, friends. Drink up, Milwaukee.”

Brzezinski, less keen on drinking beer the first hour of the morning, grimaced as she sipped but kept face: “We love it.”

The two hosts raised the cans together in a toast.

Meanwhile, co-host Willie Geist, missing out on all the studio banter by calling in from another location, remarked: “I mean, it’s really… opening the show with a pair of tall boys of the beast is just one of the great moves in the history of Morning Joe.”

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