My top 3 queen mattresses are on sale for under ,000 this weekend — save up to 0
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My top 3 queen mattresses are on sale for under $1,000 this weekend — save up to $750

If you’re planning on shopping for a top-quality queen mattress this weekend, then I’m pleased to tell you that there are plenty on sale right now for under $1,000. One standout deal means you can get $750 off a queen-size Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress at Awara Sleep

The Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress is the best mattress for affordable organic luxury, but it’s not the only queen mattress deal to shop this weekend. DreamCloud is also offering affordable luxury with 50% of its queen-size DreamCloud Hybrid, while Cocoon by Sealy are selling their cooling queen-size Chill Mattress for $699. 

As a sleep writer, I track mattress deals, so I know these are some of the best mattress sales to shop this weekend. They not only offer generous discounts, but also generous extras, too; all three queen mattresses come with a warranty, sleep trial, and free shipping, with DreamCloud and Awara also offering free returns. 

What is a queen size mattress?

A queen-size mattress measures 60”x 80”, so smaller than a king size but significantly bigger than a full. As the most popular mattress size in America, queen mattress are available everywhere in a range of materials, designs, and prices. In fact, every bed in our best mattress guide is available in a queen.