Ryu Jun Yeol And Shin Hyun Been Confirmed To Star In New Film “Revelations” By “Train To Busan” Director

Ryu Jun Yeol And Shin Hyun Been Confirmed To Star In New Film “Revelations” By “Train To Busan” Director

Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been are teaming up for the first time on the big screen!

On June 20, Netflix announced the production of “Revelations,” which will be directed by Yeon Sang Ho and stars Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been.

“Revelations” follows a pastor who believes he has a divine mission to punish the perpetrator of a missing persons case. Meanwhile, a detective haunted by visions of her deceased sister investigates the case. The film explores how their beliefs influence their actions. The film is adapted from writer Choi Gyu Seok’s webtoon.

Director Yeon Sang Ho, renowned for his groundbreaking exploration of life and death through an innovative journey to hell through “Hellbound,” teams up with writer Choi Gyu Seok to introduce a new world in “Revelations.” Known for his sharp critiques of human nature in tumultuous societies, director Yeon Sang Ho will explore the complex intersections of religion, faith, and morality.

In addition, Alfonso Cuarón, the acclaimed Mexican director renowned for “Gravity” and the Oscar-winning “Roma,” will serve as executive producer for “Revelations.” Director Yeon Sang Ho expressed, “I am excited that we can collaborate and create together through discussions. I have high expectations for what we will achieve.”

Ryu Jun Yeol portrays Pastor Min Chan, guided by divine revelations. Leading a church in a small provincial town on a pioneering mission, Min Chan’s resolve is tested when Yang Rae, a church visitor, is revealed as his son’s kidnapper through divine intervention.

Shin Hyun Been stars as Yeon Hee, a detective pursuing Yang Rae, a suspect in a missing persons case, as well as the enigmatic Pastor Min Chan. Yeon Hee wrestles with haunting visions of her deceased sister, a victim of a tragic crime in the past.

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