Senior Moment| Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club: 50+ bountiful years of planting roots, blooming flowers, and growing friendships
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Senior Moment| Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club: 50+ bountiful years of planting roots, blooming flowers, and growing friendships

“With garden clubs, flower clubs or ‘anything green,’ we have a common interest in gardening, learning, and impacting the community we live in,” explains Anna Beecher, Sprig N’ Dig’s Community Events Chair (and member of 11 years). 

Introducing and sharing the memories of Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club is a true delight—Sprig N’ Dig is a ‘very active’ working club and one of the oldest garden clubs in Statesboro and Bulloch County.

If you are a resident of Georgia or live in a warm climate, garden clubs will be very familiar to you. However, if you are new or a transplant to the area, you will soon get to know and love these garden club enthusiasts and their dedication to outdoor plants, flowers, and improving their personal and community environment.


The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., is one of the largest state garden clubs in America, with 350 member clubs, tracing its history to the ‘Ladies Garden Club’ of 1891. Club membership was limited then and new members were taken in by ‘Invitation Only.’ Later, it was decided to change the charter of the club from a small select social group to one of large usefulness. In 1892, the membership of the club was thrown open and every lady who might be interested in learning how to grow anything ‘from a cabbage to a chrysanthemum’ was invited to join.

Sprig N ‘Dig members seated at table two at the Joint Annual Meeting in April 2024

On June 8, 1928, at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, along with 29 member clubs, the ‘Garden Club of Georgia’ was organized. Their mission: ‘Beautification, Conservation and Education.’

From there, The Garden Club of America (11 clubs), created a National Garden Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1913. Today, the Garden Club of America is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization of 199 member clubs and approximately 18,000 members throughout the country.

Originally, the Bulloch County Council of Federated Garden Clubs represented Pineland Garden Club, Civic Garden Club, Magnolia Garden Club, Hoe and Hope Garden Club, and Spade and Trowel (1956). Currently, the Bulloch Council of Garden Clubs consist of 4 clubs and 120 members.

  • Hoe and Hope Garden Club (1956)
  • Evergreen Garden Club (1957)
  • Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club (1970)
  • Brooklet Garden Club (2009)

About Sprig N’ Dig

Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club, Statesboro, is a member of The National Garden Clubs, Inc., The Deep South Clubs, Inc., The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., and Oleander District. They became a chartered club in 1970, federated in 1971, and have 34 members. Most garden clubs deal primarily with plants, and flower clubs with flowers, but Sprig N’ Dig does both.

Sprig N’ Dig members seated at table one at the Joint Annual Meeting in April 2024

Their mission is to foster a sense of community among gardeners, sharing knowledge and promoting gardening practices. Networking opportunities provide their members with a chance to connect with fellow gardeners, share experiences and exchange ideas. Annual joint meetings are held to bring unity across the groups.

The four federated Garden Clubs of Statesboro and Bulloch County meet once a year. The 2024 meeting of the Bulloch Council of Garden Clubs was held at Forest Heights Country Club with guest speaker Todd Beasley, Director of Georgia Southern’s Botanic Garden. It was a great time for socializing and awaiting (with much anticipation) the awards and recognitions, which are a huge part of this program.

At its root, Sprig N’ Dig is about focusing on gardening and planting activities, maintaining and enjoying each other’s company, and sharing knowledge with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Hostesses for Sprig N’ Dig Spring Salad Luncheon (Left to Right) Genelda Reese, Jane Cason, and Annette Smith

Sweet memories from the garden

A few long-standing members shared some sweet memories from their time in the club. Karen Shiels, of almost 48 years of membership with Sprig N’ Dig, shared “I have learned a lot about horticulture, making flower designs for the flower shows, made great friends, and have had lots of fun especially at our spring socials with our husbands.”

Originally, the club meetings were held in members’ homes for many years until they grew in number and had to move to a new location. Harriet Smith (27 years) recalls with fond memories, “We met in the members’ homes, enjoyed seeing each other’s gardens, sometimes sharing plants and getting new ideas to try at our own home gardens. Some houses were small so we would sit on the floor or on the stairs to enjoy the speaker and visit. The hostess always had wonderful refreshments. I loved the fun and how we laughed and cut-up!”

Sprig N’ Dig Christmas Project – Members pose with gifts for nursing home residents during the holidays.

Ginger Gregory (20+ years) was invited to join after she retired. “I had many friends who were members, and great gardeners. They knew I wasn’t ‘born with a green thumb,’ though being a member would help my gardening skills. I enjoyed the monthly programs on flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, and participating in community projects, the Botanic Garden, and attending Oleander District meetings.”

Sprig N’ Dig Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of every month (except June, July, and August) at Bulloch Solutions on Northside Drive West in Statesboro, and they usually have between 18 and 40 members in attendance at the meetings.

In May 2024, before the summer break, a Spring Salad Luncheon was hosted by Genelda Reese, Jane Cason, and Annette Smith. Buford Brannen started the luncheon with a devotional, followed by a brief program on flowers and garden tips by Jane Cason and Genelda Reese. There is always a door prize (the winner was Janet Mathis), gifts of cups and garden tools (Anna Beecher) and great socializing and fellowship. What a fabulous time of sharing!

Community Involvement and Community Projects

Spring Salad Luncheon (Left to Right) Genelda Reese, Ginger Gregory, Karen Sheils, Doris Minick (visitor), Michele LeBlanc (guest)

These are just a few of the community activities and projects that Sprig N’ Dig plays a key role in: 

  • Botanic Garden Plant Sale, their main project which they complete twice yearly
  • Fair Flower Show at the ‘pig barn’ 
  • Flower Show at the Community Visitor’s Bureau
  • Poinsettia wreath sales at the Botanic Garden
  • Christmas Bags – Collect and distribute to Veterans, nursing homes, and wherever needed
  • Decorate Christmas trees at the Courthouse, Judicial Annex, County, City Hall, and hospice
  • Figleaf Project – (Past) collect and distribute socks and underwear for rehabilitation facilities
  • Planting flowers and floral arrangements for Garden Week Scholarships for youth

Sprig N’ Dig is not only bound by community involvement and the strong relationships that they have built over the last 54 years, their key is the strong friendship relationships that keeps their club alive as they work together to “Volunteer, Coordinate, and Educate!” They are flourishing in their mission as.….Perennial Plant Bloomers.

Janet Mathis was the door prize winner at the Sprig N’ Dig May 2024 Spring Salad Luncheon, winning this gorgeous begonia.

Speaking to the heart of the group, Hilda Rushing (a member of 25 years), says, “I retired from my ‘working years’ and was ready to do something for myself.” So Rushing joined ‘Sprig N’ Dig,’ served in several leadership positions and in The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., and she sums their work up beautifully:

“I am thankful for all of the new friends from garden clubs throughout the state of Georgia. Sprig N’ Dig exemplifies all of the things we do to make our city, our county, and our state beautiful, and we never stop learning to help ourselves grow. Sprig N’ Dig has made me appreciate my local community and my friends.”