Sleep Number finally offers an affordable smart mattress
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Sleep Number finally offers an affordable smart mattress

Sleep Number has released an adjustable smart bed with sleep tracking that costs less than $1,000, the company announced in a press release on Monday. While still a lot of money for what essentially is a fancy air bed, it’s still significantly cheaper than some comparable rivals.

Take, for example, Sleep Number competitor Eight Sleep, which makes smart mattress covers. (We’ve previously listed the Pod 2 cover as one of our favorite sleep gadgets.) Eight Sleep’s newer Pod 3 cover starts at $2,195 — and that’s only for the smaller full-size version. The newest Pod 4 cover starts at $2,449. Meanwhile, the Sleep Number c1 smart bed starts at just $599 for a twin-size model, and you can buy a queen for $999.

We’ve yet to review the Sleep Number c1 smart bed, but on paper, that seems like a good deal for a smart bed that offers personalized sleep and health insights. The bed is also capable of automatically adjusting throughout the night, lets users set their ideal level of firmness, and even allows them to adjust the sides of the bed so they can sleep more comfortably.

You miss out on some higher-end sensors and other features, though. The c1 only offers a ceramic gel layer designed to reduce heat, for example. Again, we’ve yet to test it, but it sounds like that may not offer quite the same amount of control over comfort as Eight Sleep’s Pod covers, which use a water pump to regulate both sides of the bed and even automatically adjust the temperature.

The Sleep Number c1 smart bed is the latest addition to Sleep Number’s Classic Series smart bed collection, making it the third Sleep Number to cost less than $2,000. It is available for purchase directly from the website as well as various Sleep Number stores.