The #1 Snack at Costco to Lower Your Triglyceride Levels, Recommended by Dietitians
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The #1 Snack at Costco to Lower Your Triglyceride Levels, Recommended by Dietitians

If you get groceries from Costco, you may see their impressive grab-and-go snack selection. With so many snack options, choosing one snack that would help support healthy triglyceride levels may seem challenging. 

Some uncontrollable factors, such as family history and certain medical conditions, increase the risk of elevated triglyceride levels. However, research shows that a diet rich in refined grains and saturated fat sources could negatively affect blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

We spoke with two registered dietitians to get their input on what to look for in a triglyceride-friendly snack and which is best to take home with you at your next Costco run.

What to Look for in a Triglycerides-Friendly Snack 

You Want to Limit Saturated Fat and Added Sugars

When choosing a triglyceride-friendly snack, Michelle Routhenstein, M.S., RD, CDECS, CDN,  a cardiology dietitian at, recommends selecting a snack low in saturated fat and low in added sugars, as these two could increase triglyceride levels.

Routhenstein’s recommendations align with those of the American Heart Association—aim for 5% to 6% of the calories from saturated fat, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. This percentage range represents no more than 120 calories, or about 13 grams, of saturated fat daily. A snack with less than 3 grams of added sugar, or 5% of daily value, would also be ideal.

You Want Lots of Fiber 

Fiber helps you feel full longer between meals so you don’t eat too much at the next meal. More importantly, fiber could decrease cholesterol levels by reducing how much is absorbed into your bloodstream.

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend eating at least 28 to 34 grams of fiber per day. Eating the recommended amount of fiber from various sources also promotes bowel regularity and overall health. 

The Best Snack at Costco to Lower Triglycerides

For the above reasons, our top pick of a triglyceride-friendly snack at Costco is the Kirkland Signature Nut Bars with Coco Drizzle & Sea Salt. Here’s why.

Rich in Fiber

This sweet and savory snack bar has 8 grams of fiber per serving, equivalent to almost 30% of the daily recommended fiber intake—thanks to the almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds. As mentioned above, fiber is a key ingredient to help manage your cholesterol health.

Low In Added Sugar

It is common for snack bars to have added sugars. Manufacturers typically add sugar to snack bars to ensure the ingredients bind together and offer sweetness. While this Kirkland nut bar variety contains 4 grams of added sugar (1 gram more than our recommended added sugar), the amount present is still considered relatively low per serving, especially when your goal is to follow the Dietary Guidelines for American’s recommendations on added sugars (less than 50 grams). So, including this snack bar in your diet is perfectly okay.

Low In Saturated Fat

This snack not only has less than 4 grams of saturated fat but is also packed with heart-healthy ingredients like almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds. Routhenstein explains that nuts and seeds are nutritious foods to incorporate into the diet if you are trying to lower triglycerides because these plant-based proteins contain cardioprotective unsaturated fats and fiber. Research has shown that nuts may help increase your HDL cholesterol (known as good) and reduce your LDL (known as bad) and total cholesterol.

Other Considerations

 While we recommend the Kirkland Signature Nut Bars with Coco Drizzle & Sea Salt snack bar as our top choice of snack to lower triglycerides, it is vital to look at the entirety of your meal pattern and lifestyle instead of focusing on singular foods. Cheryl Mussatto, M.S., RD, LD, a Kansa-based dietitian and author of The Nourished Brain, also emphasizes that a balanced diet rich in whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains is vital to managing high triglycerides and cholesterol. 

Depending on your lifestyle and hunger level, one to two snacks daily are sufficient for most adults. Routhenstein adds that if you become hungry or experience a mid-afternoon slump, grabbing a triglyceride-friendly snack can combat hunger pain and stabilize blood sugar.

It’s also essential to remember that while snack bars offer lots of convenience, making your own snacks helps you better control the sodium, saturated fat and added sugar content. Some examples of easy-to-prep triglyceride-friendly snacks include a banana and almonds, a boiled egg and fresh fruit, celery sticks paired with peanut butter and a low-fat Greek yogurt smoothie with berries.

The Bottom Line

Next time you are at Costco, toss a box of the Kirkland Signature Nut Bars with Coco Drizzle & Sea Salt into your shopping cart. The almonds, cashews and sunflower seed-containing nut bars are shelf-stable, convenient and nutrient-dense. They provide satiety and protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to support healthy triglyceride levels.