The 11 Best Mattresses Under ,000 Balance Comfort And Affordability
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The 11 Best Mattresses Under $1,000 Balance Comfort And Affordability

Deep, restorative sleep is essential to our overall health, and the right mattress can play a huge role in achieving it. But we don’t all have thousands of dollars to spend on our dream bed. Which begs the question—is it possible to find a high-quality mattress at an affordable price? We certainly believe so, so we went on the hunt for the best mattresses under $1,000. Our top pick from Nectar provides great contouring support and cushioning comfort, all without breaking the bank.

While you may have to sacrifice some premium luxuries like organic materials, it is possible to find a comfortable mattress under $1,000—it just takes a little work. Sometimes you also need to wait for sales, but luckily they occur often in the mattress world. We did the research to find comfortable and budget-friendly picks, without overlooking reasonable trial windows, return policies and warranties. Read on for the best mattresses under $1,00o for a range of sleep needs.

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: Lifetime | Trial: 365 nights


  • Gel-infused foam helps minimize heat retention while adding pressure relief
  • Medium feel is a great compromise for couples
  • Excellent warranty and sleep trial


  • Only one firmness option
  • Somewhat lacking in edge support

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best beds you can get for its price. This all-foam model has three layers of different foams that perform various functions. There’s a 7-inch base layer that provides stability and offers some edge support, plus a 3-inch middle layer that adds some responsiveness—meaning this mattress doesn’t have the excessive body-hugging feel that comes with some other all-foam mattresses. The top layer is a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam that conforms to your body to alleviate pressure, while also decreasing heat retention—a common issue with older memory foam beds.

Nectar rates it a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which puts it at a medium-firm. However, our testers think it’s slightly softer than that. This works for side and back sleepers, and it’s a great middle ground for couples with different preferences. Overall, this mattress is designed to offer excellent pressure relief and motion isolation. It also has features that should make it sleep relatively cool. Plus it’s backed by a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial—the longest in the industry. You can sleep on it for a whole year before fully committing. Read more in our full Nectar Mattress review.

What our editors and the reviews say: “The Nectar offers exceptional pressure relief for side and back sleepers along with a classic memory foam feel many love,” says senior mattress and sleep editor Bridget Chapman. “I think it’s a great value for a lot of sleepers.” One customer writes, “When we move, we don’t feel the whole bed shaking as we did before.” She adds, “The mattress is not too firm nor too soft… No aches and pains when we wake up.” Another adds, “Ever since the purchase of my Nectar, I’m sleeping better and not waking up in pain. It supports you in all the right places.”


Type: Hybrid | Firmness level: Soft, medium, firm | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 120 nights


  • Hybrid construction adds support and durability
  • Choice of firmness and a pillow top


  • Some customers complain the middle begins to cave in

Because the overall cost of materials is higher, it’s difficult to find a queen-size hybrid mattress for under $1,000. This model from Brooklyn Bedding actually retails for $1,332, but the company often offers sales that bring it down to under $1,000. The Signature Hybrid combines an 8-inch layer of individually wrapped coils with two foam comfort layers: a 1-inch layer of transition foam that alleviates pressure in deeper compression areas like the shoulders and hips and a 1.5-inch layer of hyper-elastic memory foam that quickly responds to movement. If you like the pressure-relieving abilities of memory foam but prefer to feel like you’re lying on top of your bed, rather than sinking into it, this bed is the choice for you. It’s more responsive than all-foam mattresses, but the coils still minimize motion transfer—so it’s not as bouncy as innerspring mattresses, making it a good fit for couples.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid comes in three firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. Because of this, there’s something for most sleepers. The soft is best for side sleepers that prefer a plusher feel. The medium works well for back, side and combo sleepers, while the firm is best suited for stomach sleepers, some back sleepers and people with back pain. You can learn more in our in-depth Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress review.

What our editors and the reviews say: “This is a really high-quality option compared to other budget buys online,” says Chapman. “I found it to be responsive and have solid edge support.” A reviewer writes, “This is the second bed I have bought from Brooklyn Bedding… These beds are the most comfortable I have ever had in my life. The folks at Brooklyn Bedding provide the best customer service and deliver what they promise.” Another reviewer adds, “Easy to set up, perfect firmness. I’ve been sleeping great since I got it.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: Lifetime | Trial: 365 nights


  • Dual-action cooling technology 
  • Good motion isolation 


  • May not be cooling enough for those who sleep extra hot
  • Our tester found it to be a little softer than advertised

While it doesn’t have quite as many reviews as our best overall choice, the Nectar Premier Mattress is still in a class of its own. In fact, it’s one of Nectar’s most popular mattresses. Featuring enhanced pressure relief and cooling technology, it’s a suitable choice for many hot sleepers who prefer memory foam. The motion isolation also makes it a good option for couples—especially those with a restless bed partner. With its medium feel, the Premier Mattress accommodates a range of sleep styles and body types. Plus, with a 365-night trial and forever warranty, you get plenty of time to test it out and decide whether it’s the right mattress for you.

What the reviews say: More than 5,800 sleepers have reviewed this mattress, giving it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. One reviewer writes, “[I’m] totally satisfied with [this] bed, from purchase price to setup time. Sleep has improved 500%.” Another says, “The past month of having this mattress has given me some of the best sleep in my life. I would recommend this mattress to anyone.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Soft on one side, firm on the other | Warranty: Lifetime | Sleep trial: 120 nights


  • Flippable design for choice of firmness
  • Copper-infused foam adds cooling properties


  • Some reviewers found both sides too firm

Not sure whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress? Layla offers the best of both worlds with its flippable design, which means two firmness levels in one single mattress. The firm side has a 1-inch copper-infused memory foam layer that gives sleepers a supportive feel, while the soft side has 3 inches of the same copper-infused memory foam, followed by a 2-inch foam layer that adds plush cushioning. The benefit of the copper gel is that it draws heat away from the body and disperses it throughout the mattress, making it a great pick for hot sleepers.

Layla rates this mattress 7 out of 10 on the firm side and 4 out of 10 on the soft side, so it can work for different sleeping positions. We detail our findings after testing both sides in our Layla Mattress review.

What the reviews say: “I just love this mattress,” writes one reviewer. “I’m a combo sleeper and the soft side is perfect for me. I feel like I’m on a wonderful cloud. Highly recommend.” Another combo sleeper writes, “This mattress works for me. It’s cozy, but firm and cool. Love it.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights


  • Excellent support and pressure relief
  • Cooling gel and heat-wicking graphite minimize heat retention


Tuft & Needle’s Original Mattress is one of the most supportive all-foam beds you can get in a box. According to the company, it’s medium-firm and engineered with two layers of adaptive foam that provide pressure relief for all types of sleepers by adjusting to the contours of the body. Our testing found it to feel a little firmer at first, but the foams slowly soften. Because the foam is constructed out of a heat-absorbing graphite material, this mattress also helps you sleep cool and comfortably. Another perk is that it’s compatible with most bed frames and bases.

What the reviews say: “We stayed in a small hotel that had Tuft & Needle on their beds and loved it, so we bought one too,” says one review. “There’s no comparison to any other mattresses we’ve had, and we are both waking up more refreshed than ever. Highly recommend.” Another reviewer writes, “I’m primarily a side sleeper and my husband is primarily a back sleeper, and we are both very happy with this mattress and finally sleeping soundly through the night.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 180 nights


  • Supportive for all-foam design
  • Compatible with all bed frames


  • Edge support is lacking
  • Firmer than advertised

Siena is the lesser-known sister brand of Nectar. This mattress is a great affordable option with an almost unbeatable price—it’s tough to find a queen mattress for less than $500. The mattress is made with three layers of foam. Directly beneath the cover is a piece of pressure-relieving memory foam that’s designed to let your whole body relax. The mattress has another support foam layer that rests atop a “foundational foam” that serves as a sturdy base for the mattress. At 10 inches tall, it’s a reasonable height for such an affordable price, too.

The brand says the mattress falls at a 6.5 on a 10-point firmness scale, striking a little above middle ground. However, our testers think it’s a touch firmer than that. The company’s trial, though shorter than Nectar’s, is still on par, if not longer, than the trial periods offered by many other retailers, so you can relax and try it out knowing that you don’t have to make a final decision for about six months.

What the reviews say: “This mattress is replacing a 29-year-old innerspring mattress. I’ve been on disability for a number of years, so the main reason for keeping the old mattress was cost,” says one reviewer. “I decided it was time to make the change—and I am so glad I did. It is extremely comfortable and I am thrilled with the Siena.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights


  • Greenguard Gold certified for low emissions
  • Excellent pressure relief and responsiveness


  • May be too firm for some people

Leesa’s Studio Mattress is one of few options that is affordable and has a Greenguard Gold certification, which demonstrates the product was tested by a third party and met strict thresholds for low emissions. In other words: You can rest assured this mattress won’t negatively affect indoor air quality at your home. The mattress has three layers of foam, including a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam that’s designed to contour to your body for comfort, according to the brand. Beneath are two additional foam layers that provide comfort and support. The mattress is on the slightly firmer side of medium-firm, which makes it a great choice for back and stomach sleepers.

What the reviews say: “I recommend this bed to everyone. It’s impossible to find this type of comfort for the price. This is my third Leesa bed and they’ve all held up extremely well,” one reviewer writes. Another writes, “I have back issues. I am keeping this mattress, and gratefully. It is firm, yet contours nicely to my body. Getting into bed at night feels cozy and lovely.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: Lifetime | Sleep trial: 120 nights


  • Engineered for cooler sleep
  • Greenguard Gold certified for low emissions


  • Some reviewers describe it as too firm

Some memory foam mattresses are prone to trapping heat, but the all-foam Bear Original was designed to combat this common problem. It has a three-layer construction, similar to the other memory foam mattresses on this list, but the top layer is a cooling gel memory foam that absorbs and dissipates body heat. The other foams in the mattress are open-cell, which means the bubbles produced during manufacture popped, leaving a web-like structure—another feature that can help reduce foams’ heat retention.

It also has a cover with Celliant fiber, a proprietary material that the company claims “help[s] increase comfort and promote restful sleep.” These fibers absorb and retransfer body heat and are intended to promote circulation and better blood flow. You can find out more about its performance in our Bear Mattress review.

If you want a more luxurious bed and you can spend a smidge over $1,000, the Bear Star Hybrid has some of the same materials as the Bear Original, including Celliant fiber and pressure-relieving memory foam, paired with an individually wrapped coil base instead of a foam one. Not only do coils make the bed more responsive, they also promote more airflow than all-foam beds. Bear rates both of these mattresses as medium-firm, with the Bear Star slightly softer than the Bear Original. Our testers found the Bear Original to have a firmer feel overall. Medium-firm to slightly firmer is a great match for most back sleepers.

What the reviews say: This mattress has over 8,500 5-star reviews on Bear’s website. “[It] exceeded my expectations,” writes one customer. “I would initially say this is a super firm mattress, which I typically do not like. I decided to give this a try based on the reviews. [I’m] so happy I took a chance and bought the Bear Original. It’s certainly firm when you first lay down, but it’s so supportive in the right places. No more shoulder pain, no more back pain [and] no more hip pain.” Another says, “I personally sleep very warm, this mattress has done a great job of not retaining the heat throughout the night.”

Type: Hybrid | Firmness level: Medium-firm | Warranty: Lifetime | Sleep trial: 365 nights


  • CertiPUR-US-certified foam
  • Plenty of foam layers for good pressure relief


  • Mixed reviews on motion transfer control

Featuring a breathable cashmere blend quilted cushion top cover, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is made with a therapeutic gel memory foam layer for adaptive support and individually wrapped coils with extra edge support. The memory foam layer also  provides pressure relief for the neck, shoulders, hips and back.

On top of that, the eight layers include a transition layer to promote proper spinal alignment. The DreamCloud Premier also features dual action cooling technology so that hot sleepers can rest more comfortably. We found it to be supportive during testing and offer a lifted feel with comfortable cushioning.

What the reviews say: One reviewer says, “I’ve struggled to find a decent mattress for years that my husband and I agree on. The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is the winner. I no longer wake up with aches and pains and sleep great.” Another writes, “We absolutely love our new mattress. We are enjoying the deepest, pain-free sleep ever.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium | Warranty: Lifetime | Trial: 120 nights


  • Excellent pressure relief and durability
  • Sleeps cool


  • Edge support isn’t great

The Nolah Original is a 10-inch foam mattress made with the brand’s proprietary AirFoam, a memory foam alternative with a few advantages. According to Nolah, the material dissipates heat 20% faster, is up to 300 times more durable and has four times the pressure relief of traditional memory foam. Although we can’t prove those claims, our tester found it to sleep cool and offer stellar pressure relief, as detailed in our full Nolah Mattress review. In the Nolah Original, the Airfoam is zoned for more flexibility around the shoulders and greater support in the lumbar and hips, making the mattress particularly well suited to side sleepers.

The four-layer mattress has a middle-of-the-road firmness that balances cushioning comfort with proper support. It also has Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications, indicating a high level of safety—and it’s fiberglass-free. For an additional $131, there’s an option to upgrade to an all-foam hybrid with additional layers micro-cut in waves, which mimic the support of coils for greater responsiveness.

What the reviews say: “I bought this for my guest room just before Christmas,” writes one reviewer. “It’s so comfy that I haven’t slept in my own bed since. Clearly, it’s time to order a second one for myself.” Another says, “I love my new Nolah 10 inch Mattress. Perfect combination of softness and support for me. I am a side sleeper, and I sleep better now than I have in many years.”

Type: Memory foam | Firmness level: Medium | Warranty: 10 years | Trial: 100 nights


  • Cooling cover dissipates body heat
  • All the benefits of memory foam without the heat retention


  • Some reviewers note that edge support is lacking

If you’re a fan of memory foam but tend to sleep hot, Sealy’s Cocoon Chill Mattress may be worth a closer look. While memory foam has a reputation for retaining heat, the Cocoon Chill is wrapped with a cool-to-the-touch cover that uses a proprietary phase change material to absorb and dissipate body heat. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of memory foam, minus the hot, sweaty nights. The 10-inch mattress has the signature “hugged” feel of adaptive memory foam, along with excellent pressure relief and motion isolation.

While the Cocoon Chill retails just over $1,000 for a queen, Sealy runs frequent sales that bring the price down to under $700. The mattress ships free and comes with a 100-night trial, but keep in mind that this one isn’t compatible with box springs.

What our editors and the reviews say: “Because of its nestling memory foam feel and balanced firmness level, I think it’s best for most sleeping positions, with the exception of strict or petite side sleepers who want a truly soft mattress,” says mattress and sleep editor McKenzie Dillon. “[I] love this mattress. The support is wonderful and I haven’t slept this well in years,” says one reviewer. Another, who describes it as an “excellent mattress,” says “it has been noticeably cooler at night during the summer months.”

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

As we continue to update our library of sleep and mattress content, our team of experts is always on the lookout for the newest and best mattresses at all prices. We have a vast base knowledge on the subject as well as relationships with top mattress and bedding brands, which helps us stay in the loop on new and exciting innovations.

  • Many members of our team, including the co-author of this piece and Forbes Vetted executive strategy editor Lindsay Boyers, have formal mattress testing experience and use this knowledge to select brands based on firsthand experience in this story and others.
  • Senior mattress and sleep editor Bridget Chapman and mattress and sleep editor McKenzie Dillon are certified sleep science coaches who have collectively tested more than 100 mattresses.
  • This list is regularly updated to ensure freshness and accuracy. It was last updated in June 2024 to include new product additions, including the best pillow top mattress and the best memory foam mattress under $1,000.

How We Chose The Best Mattresses Under $1,000

When selecting the best mattresses under $1,000, we started by researching the top mattress brands, include those that have been personally tested by the Forbes Vetted team.

  • We referenced other Forbes Vetted mattress stories and checked with our in-house experts to find best-in-class models for specific categories, then narrowed our list by price to find potential contenders. All of the mattresses on this list have a sticker price of under $1,000 or are under $1,000 when on sale.
  • Because sleep is individual and inherently personal, we recommended mattresses for all sleep styles and included options in a variety of firmnesses, thicknesses and materials. We also included options to suit specific needs like temperature control.
  • We read through hundreds of customer ratings to find first-person feedback and only included highly rated mattresses.

What To Look For In The Best Mattresses Under $1,000

Regardless of the price range, the best mattress is one that accommodates your personal sleep style and preferences. Beyond budget, here’s what to keep in mind as you shop.

Mattress Type

Mattresses come in various constructions, all with their own pros and cons. Here are a few common mattress types along with some of their key features.

  • All-foam mattresses made with poly foams tend to be among the least expensive options because the materials are easy to produce. These mattresses are generally best suited to light- and average-weight sleepers, who should find enough support to sleep comfortably. Memory foam, which was invented by NASA researchers looking for a way to keep test pilots cushioned during flights, provides contouring support for sleepers as well. The best memory foam mattresses contour to your body, relieve pressure and isolate motion well so you don’t awake to your partner’s movements or your dog jumping on your bed in the middle of the night. They also give you a feeling of sinking into the mattress, rather than lying on top of it.
  • Hybrid mattresses tend to offer more support thanks to their innerspring coil layer. The combination of coils and comfort materials, such as latex and foam, means a higher price tag but often improves performance life.
  • Latex mattresses are generally among the most expensive options. This material adds impressive durability and pressure relief, but it’s also heavy and has a gentle buoyancy that may not appeal to all sleepers. Natural latex is believed to regulate temperature as well, which can make it a suitable option for hot sleepers. It’s also considered a more environmentally friendly material than synthetic products, such as memory foam.
  • Innerspring mattresses have the most traditional construction, combining coils with very thin comfort layers, and are often priced on the lower end of the spectrum. Innerspring mattresses tend to be breathable, responsive and extra supportive.

Sleeping Position

Your dominant sleep position is a key consideration when you choose a new mattress. Back, side and stomach sleepers all benefit from specific feels and firmnesses to ensure proper support and comfort. Back sleepers typically do best with a medium-firm mattress and gentle contouring that keeps the spine supported. Side sleepers should consider a softer mattress that doesn’t create pressure buildup in the hips and shoulders while still maintaining a neutral spine. Stomach sleepers need firmer support to keep their hips elevated. Otherwise, they run the risk of lower back pain in the morning.

Body Type

It’s important to take into account your body type when shopping for a mattress. For instance, a certain mattress may feel firmer to a light- or average-weight sleeper than it does to a heavyweight sleeper.

Generally speaking, lightweight sleepers prefer a softer mattress, while heavyweight sleepers are most comfortable with something firmer. In fact, heavyweight sleepers may want to look for mattresses specifically designed to provide them with adequate support.

Support And Durability

Delivering support is the primary purpose of your mattress, not just in the first few weeks but ideally for the next seven to 10 years. Material choice and mattress construction can give you a good idea of how much support you can expect—and for how long.

Trial Period, Returns And Warranty Policies

The best test of a new mattress is sleeping on it for about a month, which gives your body sufficient time to adjust. Most mattress companies offer reasonable sleep trials precisely for this purpose, but it’s a good idea to scan the fine print in the event a mattress doesn’t work out and you need to return it. Take a look at the warranty, too. Lifetime warranties may sound ironclad, but most of them have qualifiers that limit coverage.

Is A $1,000 Mattress Good?

You can find a good mattress for $1,000, such as the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The key is shopping reputable brands and finding a model that meets your unique sleep needs. Spend some time reading through reviews and checking the trial period and return policy for any mattresses you’re considering. The mattresses we’ve included here are all highly rated with long trial windows, so you can rest easy knowing you have time to test it properly.

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Good Quality Mattress?

It really depends on your needs and preferences. While our list certainly attests to the fact that you can find a good quality mattress under $1,000, you can expect to spend more if you want something with higher-end features.

Typically, a budget mattress is priced under $1,000 for a queen size, while luxury mattresses cost more than $2,000. The average mattress price is somewhere between $1,300 to $2,000.

What Is the Most You Should Pay For A Mattress?

Again, this depends on you and your budget. In our experience, sleep is worth investing in. Many of the more expensive models out there come in at $1,600 or more for a queen. For that price you might get additional features, like gel-infused foams that are designed to keep you cool or organic materials, like latex and wool.