‘There’s No Need’: Geena Davis Says Thelma & Louise Must Never Be Remade

‘There’s No Need’: Geena Davis Says Thelma & Louise Must Never Be Remade

Hollywood has been working its way through remaking many popular movies from years past. However, Geena Davis wants producers to stay away from her 1991 movie Thelma & Louise.

Per IndieWire, Davis recently attended the Bentonville Film Festival. She spoke about Thelma & Louise, commenting on the possibility of the film getting a modern remake. Davis is not a fan of the idea, feeling that the original holds up so well that a remake isn’t necessary. She went on to praise the work Ridley Scott did as director on the movie, pushing back on some criticism there had been for having a man direct the feminist classic.


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“Well, it must never be remade,” the Oscar winner told IndieWire in an interview at the Arkansas festival. “I mean, it’s 30-something years later, and it holds up more than others. I’m not saying this because I’m in it, but it really holds up. And there’s no need to revisit it. What would be the point? In my opinion.”

“Well, it must never be remade. I mean, it’s 30-something years later, and it holds up more than others.”

On the idea of remakes in general, she added, “It would have to be better. I’m all in favor of making movies that didn’t really work again and making it work. That would be great. Thank God nobody ever tried to remake Casablanca or something. … So far! I’m grateful. I would not be happy about that.”


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Davis went on to touch on how Scott’s involvement elevated the project, making the story that much bigger. Ultimately, this left Davis and co-star Susan Sarandon “grateful” for having the acclaimed director — known for movies like Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator — taking the helm. As Davis explained, that wasn’t even the original plan, but Scott felt compelled to step up to ensure that the film was what it needed to be.

“That’s why I always say a man directed Thelma & Louise — I mean, not to promote men,” Davis said. “But to say that women can direct anything, men can direct anything. You just have to have your heart in it.”

Geena Davis Says Ridley Scott Is Quite a Feminist

She continued, “Ridley is actually quite a feminist, and almost all women run his company and work with his company. He loves and reveres women. He wasn’t intending to direct it himself, but when he met with other directors, he was passionately describing what he wanted it to be. He couldn’t find somebody that matched that passion. ‘Well, I should just direct it myself.’ He obviously did a bang-up job. He did an incredible job.”

“Susan and I, we’ll still talk about this: He gave it a scale,” Davis concluded. “It was a very intimate story. He gave it a scale and vista that really elevated it. It was very, very important, and we’re really grateful.”

Released in 1991, Thelma & Louise was directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri. It tells the story of two friends who embark on a road trip that takes a turn when the two go on the run, culminating with one of the most talked-about movie endings of all time. The movie was highly praised and won the oscar for Best original Screenplay. Scott was also nominated for Best Director, while both Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were nominated for Best Actress.

Thelma & Louise is streaming on Prime Video.

Source: IndieWire

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