Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa With These 10 Little Luxuries—Up to 60% Off
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Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa With These 10 Little Luxuries—Up to 60% Off

While I love staying in a hotel for the room service, fluffy beds, and implied vacation, I always leave ready to be back in my own home. The only area of the room that I long for once I’m back is the bathroom, especially if the hotel offers luxe features and products.

Luckily, it’s more than possible to give your bathroom at home the same feeling as a relaxing spa. In order to do so, you’ll need towel warmers, fast-drying bath mats, an elevated shower head, and more, and all of those products are currently up to 60 percent off at Wayfair. Below, shop top picks for creating a relaxing, luxurious space.

Best Luxe Bathroom Deals at Wayfair

DreamDwell Home Foot Spa

If you want to really lean into a spa-like experience in your bathroom, this home foot bath and massager includes so many features to soothe your feet after a long day. In addition to having bubbling jets and a motorized roller along the bottom of the foot bath, you can also control the temperature and set a timer. It has an infrared disinfector built-in, too, so you don’t have to worry about cleanup. 

SereneLife Single Touch Electric Towel Warmer


It doesn’t get any more luxurious than a warm towel waiting for you at the end of every shower, and this device has a built-in timer and can heat two big bath towels at once. This towel warmer is spacious yet compact, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your bathroom. Plus, it can be used for a large towel, robe, and pajamas. One shopper said it was the “best thing [they] added to [their] new bathroom,” noting that they look forward to “a nice hot towel after [their] shower.”

Dotted Line Ayden Solid Wood Freestanding Bathroom Shelves

Storage space can be almost nonexistent in some bathrooms, so adding this bamboo shelf to your corner offers an elevated way to store extra products, towels, or a candle in an area that would otherwise be underutilized. The three shelves have a 10-pound weight limit, and shoppers say the unit is “sturdy,” and has “plenty of room.” Plus, the natural tone of the wood makes it an ideal fit for a variety of design styles.

Keep scrolling for more luxe bathroom essentials, or head to Wayfair to shop the curated storefront.  

Dotted Line Ayden Solid Bamboo Wood Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet

Symple Stuff Bathtub Mat

Latitude Run Houchens Diatomite Bath Mat