Two Maui mothers publish children’s book to preserve Lahaina history, culture and landmarks | Maui Now

Two Maui mothers publish children’s book to preserve Lahaina history, culture and landmarks | Maui Now

(r-l) Author Shauvon Young and illustrator Tioni Acain. PC: Magical Hawaiian Rainbow

Following the 2023 wildfires that devastated Lahaina, two inspired Maui mothers united to preserve Lahaina’s heritage in a heartfelt and uplifting keepsake children’s book.

Published on Thursday, “Magical Hawaiian Rainbow – Adventure through Lahaina,” takes readers on a journey through Lahaina, brought to life by Maui author Shauvon Young’s writing and born-and-raised Maui artist Tioni Acain’s illustrations.

“Devastated with my community and deeply moved by the impact of the wildfires on Lahaina, I felt compelled to create a story that would honor the town’s legacy and provide a source of comfort and hope to young readers and their families,” said Young.


The book is meant to “capture the essence of Lahaina’s rich culture and history, aimed to depict and preserve real locations from Lahaina before the wildfires, so that this charming town and beauty can live on in everyone’s hearts,” the two mothers said in their book release announcement.

The book also aims to give back, with 50% of its initial proceeds going toward local nonprofit Lahaina Arts Guild.

“Magical Hawaiian Rainbow – Adventure through Lahaina” is available for purchase on Amazon (paperback) and Barnes & Noble (hardback). There are two versions, one with Bible verses and one without Bible verses, so the reader may choose which suits their reading choice best.

About the Book

Book cover. PC: Magical Hawaiian Rainbow

“Magical Hawaiian Rainbow – Adventure through Lahaina” follows a two young local girls as they explore and adventure though the beloved town of Lahaina looking for the ‘Magical Hawaiian Rainbow,’ offering readers a look into the iconic and historical landmarks, hidden gems and beauty of Lahaina.

“As a teacher, I’ve found this book is the perfect keepsake and addition to all classrooms and homes. It holds a meaningful message that every age and all future generations will thoroughly enjoy while keeping the legacy of Lahaina alive in all our hearts.”

Teacher and reading specialist Michelle Lazuka, M. Ed

The book features more than 10 important locations/visuals within the illustrations of Lahaina/Maui island and secret hidden hearts within every illustration for added fun.


“I aspire to whisk my readers, to imaginary worlds, while keeping the locations in my stories real, so the readers can learn about valuable history and culture while delighting in the joy of reading to captivate both children and adults alike,” said Young.

Donating 50% proceeds to Lahaina aid

Maui keiki read “Magical Hawaiian Rainbow – Adventure through Lahaina” at the beach. PC: Magical Hawaiian Rainbow

According to the announcement, 50% of the books initial proceeds will be donated to local nonprofit, Lahaina Arts Guild, which is aiding the Lahaina keiki, ‘ohana and community affected by the wildfires.