TXT to meet fans with VR concert in theaters this summer

TXT to meet fans with VR concert in theaters this summer

TXT announced their upcoming VR concert, ‘HYPERFOCUS: TOMORROW X TOGETHER VR CONCERT‘, through their official SNS on June 18 KST, revealing the concert poster and teaser.

The poster, set against a star-filled desert backdrop, exudes a fantasy atmosphere. The members, dressed in matching white outfits, appear like princes from a fairy tale. ‘HYPERFOCUS’ marks TXT’s first VR concert, promising an immersive experience where the stage feels just within reach. The concert will feature a powerful setlist, including major hits like “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Deja Vu,” aiming to create unforgettable memories with their dynamic performances.

TXT shared, “We wanted to get closer to our fans and found the opportunity to participate in this new content. This VR concert was a unique experience for us, and we hope it provides fantastic memories and experiences for our fans.”

AmazeVR, the production company, stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the global artists TOMORROW X TOGETHER on this project. Utilizing advanced technology, enhanced storytelling, and solid visuals, we’ve crafted a dynamic VR concert. We look forward to the synergy of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s flawless performance combined with VR.

The VR concert ‘HYPERFOCUS’ will open for the first round of reservations on July 17, premiering exclusively at Megabox COEX in Gangnam, Seoul, on July 31. Following this, it will debut in five U.S. cities, starting in Los Angeles on August 8, then moving to Buena Park, Houston, Chicago, and New York.

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