10 Biggest Characters Missing From Bad Boys: Ride Or Die

10 Biggest Characters Missing From Bad Boys: Ride Or Die


  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die brings back familiar faces, but major characters like Sydney Burnett and Julie Mott are noticeably absent.
  • A surprising absence in the sequel is Rafe, a character introduced in Bad Boys for Life, with no explanation given for his missing presence.
  • Original characters like Detectives Sanchez, Ruiz, Reyes, and Vargas are also missing from the film, leaving their fates unexplained.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is missing several major characters from the franchise’s prior entries. The fourth movie in the Bad Boys franchise brings an expected cast and group of characters. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to play Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, while Joe Pantoliano is back as Captain Howard too. While the story has heavy connections to Bad Boys II, the film is more so a direct sequel to Bad Boys for Life, resulting in several newer additions from the 2020 entry coming back here.

The Bad Boys: Ride or Die cast might be filled with characters that audiences already are familiar with, but not everyone returns. There are several notable omissions from the film’s ensemble, ranging from newer members to those who were involved earlier on. This does not even include Bad Boys 4 recasting Theresa Randle, with Tasha Smith stepping in to play Theresa Burnett in this installment. There is no shortage of characters in the final version of the movie, but the franchise noticeably did not bring back these Bad Boys characters to be part of the sequel.


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10 Syd Burnett

Played By Gabrielle Union In Bad Boys II & L.A.’s Finest

One of the biggest Bad Boys characters missing from Bad Boys: Ride or Die is Sydney Burnett. Marcus’ younger sister was introduced in Bad Boys II and played by Gabrielle Union. She was set up to be Mike’s love interest in the film, and there was an expectation that she would be featured in the fourth installment after also being absent from the third. Bad Boys: Ride or Die does reference Gabrielle Union’s character, as Marcus mentions that Mike dated his sister during his wedding reception toast.

Audiences have not seen Syd in a Bad Boys movie since 2003, but Gabrielle Union returned to the franchise since then. She headlined a Bad Boys TV show spinoff called L.A.’s Finest, which followed Syd as a cop in Los Angeles. The series ran for two seasons, but it was canceled in 2020, only one month after the second season debuted. Bad Boys II remains Gabrielle Union’s only movie appearance in the franchise after missing from the fourth film.


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9 Julie Mott

Played By Téa Leoni In Bad Boys

The franchise’s original female lead, Julie Mott, is also nowhere to be found in Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Téa Leoni made her debut as Julie in the original 1995 action movie. Bad Boys made Julie the target of drug dealers after she witnessed them kill Max. She only trusted Mike, or really Marcus posing as Mike, and became the duo’s main witness in their investigation. Julie was set up to potentially be a romantic interest for Mike in future Bad Boys movies.

Téa Leoni not returning for Bad Boys: Ride or Die is not a total surprise. She has not played Julie again since the first movie, so Leoni has now been left out of all three Bad Boys sequels. There has been no mention of what happened to Julie after the first movie, so there is a chance she could return in any capacity moving forward. But, Bad Boys: Ride or Die does not bring Julie back to give some clarity on her fate after the original.

8 Rafe

Played By Charles Melton In Bad Boys For Life

The AMMO gang in Bad Boys For Life

Charles Melton’s Rafe is a surprising absentee cast member in Bad Boys: Ride or Die. The actor joined the franchise in Bad Boys for Life, playing a cocky member of AMMO who frequently irritated Mike. Rafe survived the events of Bad Boys for Life‘s ending, so there was an expectation that he would be back in the sequel. And yet, fears that he would not be part of the film after there were no details of his involvement came true.

There is no explanation for why Rafe is not in Bad Boys: Ride or Die provided in the story. AMMO remains a major presence in the sequel, with Dorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens) both still working for AMMO as Rita (Paola Núñez) is promoted to captain. It is possible that scheduling conflicts prevented Melton from reprising his role, so there is a possibility that he could come back as Rafe if Bad Boys 5 happens.

7 Detective Sanchez

Plays By Nestor Serrano In Bad Boys

Nestor Serrano as Detective Sanchez talking in Bad Boys

Sanchez is another character missing from Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Nestor Serrano played the Miami PD detective in the original movie, as he worked as a partner for Detective Ruiz. Sanchez and Ruiz were positioned as Mike and Marcus’ older rivals within the department, but they ultimately worked together when it counted. With original movie characters like Fletcher coming back in Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the idea that Sanchez could have appeared was not ludicrous.

Instead of bringing this original movie character back, the sequel went in the opposite direction. Bad Boys: Ride or Die confirmed Sanchez and Ruiz died sometime between the events of Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life. The movie confirms that Sanchez and Ruiz worked on Howard’s secret investigation and came out of retirement to do so. Unfortunately, they died one week later in a car crash.


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6 Detective Ruiz

Played By Julio Oscar Mechoso In Bad Boys

Julio Oscar Mechoso as Detective Ruiz looking to the side in Bad Boys

Just like Sanchez, Ruiz is missing from Bad Boys: Ride or Die. This is explained in the story because both cops die many years before the sequel’s story takes place. Ruiz was last seen in the original Bad Boys, where Julio Oscar Mechoso made his debut as the rival detective.

The explanation that Ruiz and Sanchez died off-screen makes more sense with Ruiz specifically. Julio Oscar Mechoso passed away in 2017 in real life. The franchise would have had to recast Ruiz to bring the character back in the later sequels. Since Ruiz was already absent from Bad Boys II, what happened to him after the original movie was a mystery. Now, Bad Boys: Ride or Die confirms his and Sanchez’s fates, electing to kill both characters instead of potentially replacing Mechoso.

5 Detective Mateo Reyes

Played By Yul Vazquez In Bad Boys II

Yul Vazquez as Detective Mateo Reyes in Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II introduced Mateo Reyes as another Miami PD detective, with Yul Vazquez playing the role. Reyes and his partner were more helpful to Mike and Marcus than Sanchez and Ruiz, going as far as to work with them to take down Johnny Tapia. Yul Vazquez did not return in Bad Boys for Life, so his absence from Bad Boys: Ride or Die‘s ending was somewhat expected.

Although there is no mention of Reyes in Bad Boys: Ride or Die, a return could have made sense. The main story includes connections to Bad Boys II and the investigation that Reyes was part of. Mike and Marcus could have reunited with their former colleague to try and clear Howard’s name and take down the new villains. Instead, Mateo Reyes is completely forgotten about, with his fate left unknown and for another movie to potentially address.

4 Detective Marco Vargas

Played By Jason Manuel Olazábal In Bad Boys II

Jason Manuel Olazábal as Detective Marco Vargas in Bad Boys II

Jason Manuel Olazábal’s Marco Vargas is also a missing character in Bad Boys: Ride or Die. The Miami PD detective was Reyes’ partner in Bad Boys II. He also worked with Mike and Marcus to take down Tapia’s operation, traveling to Cuba to get the job done. There was no mention of him in Bad Boys for Life, but he could have come back in Bad Boys: Ride or Die based on the story to give his colleagues some help once more.

Without any return for Vargas or Reyes, what happened to the detectives after Bad Boys II remains a mystery. It would have been great to see either of the characters return in the 2024 movie to provide audiences with some sort of update on their lives. This could have included working with Mike and Marcus or being targets of McGrath if they, too, had any knowledge of Howard’s investigation and his findings.

3 James Burnett

Last Appeared In Bad Boys II

James Burnett, Theresa Burnett, Mike Lowrey, Marcus Burnett, and Syd Burnett eating in Bad Boys II

Marcus Burnett’s son, James, is also missing from Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Cory Hodges played Marcus’ son in the original movie. James was last seen in Bad Boys II as part of the Burnett family meals, but there is no actor credited as playing him. James was strangely missing from Bad Boys for Life, meaning he missed his own sister’s wedding as Megan and Reggie got married. He is shockingly also absent from Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

James Burnett’s absence from the fourth Bad Boys movie is so surprising because of Marcus’ story. He has a heart attack early on and is then surrounded by friends and family once he is released from the hospital. Not only does James not come and visit his father at any point, but there is also no acknowledgment that he even exists. What happened to Marcus and Theresa’s son is truly a mystery.

2 Quincy Burnett

Last Appeared In Bad Boys II

Syd and Quincy Burnett in Bad Boys II

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is also missing Marcus’ other son, Quincy. Scott Cumberbatch played the kid in the original two movies, although his role was quite small. He also did not return in Bad Boys for Life, missing out on important family events in the process, such as the birth of his first nephew. This trend continues by not being around to visit Marcus in the hospital, at least as far as Bad Boys: Ride or Die shows.

The complete absence of both Marcus and Theresa’s sons in the recent films is unusual. Marcus has always been portrayed as a family man and a father who loves his children. It is possible that Quincy and James no longer live in Miami, but their not being present for such major life events is odd. The fact that Megan has had at least a small presence in Bad Boys 3 and 4 makes the sons’ omissions more glaring.

1 Nancy McKenna

Played By Jessica Alba In L.A.’s Finest

Bad Boys: Ride or Die does not bring Jessica Alba’s Nancy McKenna into the fold either. Alba was the co-lead opposite of Gabrielle Union in the spinoff show L.A.’s Finest. Her character, Nancy McKenna, is a former criminal who becomes an LAPD detective and partner for Syd. The duo worked together on different cases over the course of the show’s two season run. However, Alba has yet to be given a chance to bring Nancy McKenna to the big screen.

John Salley returned as Fletcher for a few episodes of L.A.’s Finest before his Bad Boys: Ride or Die cameo

The absence of Jessica Alba from Bad Boys: Ride or Die is understandable. The movie would only have brought her aboard if Gabrielle Union had also returned. Most audiences have not seen L.A.’s Finest, so Nancy McKenna would be an entirely new character for many. Since she does not have any existing ties to the main characters of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, there was no need for her to appear. Maybe that will change in a sequel.

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