As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again by The Decemberists

As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again by The Decemberists

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    Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, John Moen, Nate Query

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    The latest full-length release from Portland-based rock band The Decemberists was produced with Tucker Martine and features backing vocals by Shins’ James Mercer and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills.
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  1. As such, not much of the sonic territory meandered upon here is particularly new for the band, but they manage to provide highly satisfying renditions of many of the styles they’ve explored over the years. As such, this latest album feels like a rather comfortable, but nonetheless impressive, addition to the canon.

  2. It’s an album full of songs that are distinct from each other, yet of a piece, with a title that feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy. After a fallow period, one of indie-rock’s most rewarding bands has found its way back, and in better shape than before.

  3. The Decemberists return better than ever. As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again is the band’s longest and most rewarding album to date. The Decemberists take the art of the concept album and fill it with as many fantasy tropes as possible, creating a sonic journey that deserves your undivided attention.

  4. The finished work is a smorgasbord of all of their best bits. [Jun 2024, p.34]

  5. Their ninth record proves their distinctive spirit is still unbroken. The mood is knowingly mordant. [Jul 2024, p.84]