How to Find the Best Photo Shoot Locations

How to Find the Best Photo Shoot Locations

Finding the perfect photo shoot location can make all the difference. Whether you’re working outdoors or transforming your own space, the right setting can elevate your images significantly.

Coming to you from Brandon Woelfel, this informative video shares valuable tips on selecting great locations for your shoots. Woelfel emphasizes that finding unique backdrops can enhance the quality of your images. He even demonstrates how to transform your own apartment into a dynamic space using simple items like fabric from Amazon and a few plants.

Woelfel’s number one hack for finding outdoor locations is using the AllTrails app. Although designed for hikers, this app allows you to filter locations by specific features like beaches or waterfalls. You can read reviews, check the difficulty of trails, and see real photos taken by users. This ensures you can plan a shoot without scouting the location in person, which is especially useful if the site is hours away.

PeerSpace is another tool Woelfel recommends for indoor shoots. It’s a platform where you can rent studios, apartments, and other spaces. You can apply filters to find exactly what you need, whether it’s a green screen or a specific backdrop. Woelfel highlights the flexibility and convenience of PeerSpace, making it ideal for both photo and video shoots. He notes that while some spaces have minimum booking hours, it’s often worth the investment for the variety and quality of backdrops available.

For those concerned about finding good backgrounds in urban settings, Woelfel advises location scouting. When you’re out and about, keep an eye out for interesting spots. Snap a quick photo, pin it on your map, and note the time of day and lighting conditions. This simple practice can help you build a library of potential shoot locations, boosting your confidence when working with models.

Transforming indoor spaces is another creative solution. Woelfel shares that many of his shoots have been done in his own bedroom or apartment. By focusing on what’s in the frame and using creative lighting, you can turn even a plain white wall into a dramatic backdrop. Props and styling can further enhance the scene, making it look professionally staged.

That’s just the beginning, so check out the video above for the full rundown from Woelfel.