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The Up North Garden Guide

June 17, 2024

Life’s always better out in the garden. And depending on what you plant in your little patch of earth, that maxim might apply to a host of critters that could use a little extra shelter or sustenance.

Decorative gardening has been a popular pastime for centuries, but it’s only been relatively recently that people are paying much closer attention to the so-called “ecosystem services” that a garden can provide, particularly when native plants are selected. But how do you know what to select and how to plant it? What plants will do better in our soil types and climate? What about pests and other problems?

In this week’s Northern Express, sister publication of The Ticker, writer Art Bukowski catches up with Nate Walton, a Leelanau County-based consumer horticulture educator with Michigan State University Extension, to discuss all things gardening Up North. Check out this and other Northern Express stories this week online, or pick up a free copy on newsstands at nearly 700 spots in 14 counties across northern Michigan.