These Iconic Throwback Lawn Chairs Are Available On Amazon
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These Iconic Throwback Lawn Chairs Are Available On Amazon

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Before canvas-covered foldable camp chairs took over the sidelines of kids’ sports games, tailgates, and bachelor living rooms, there was the folding lawn chair. 

You know the one: thickly woven, low to the ground, with a curvy aluminum bottom. They were a mainstay at beaches, barbecues, and baseball games. Little did anyone know that this piece of nostalgia furniture is available on Amazon for less than $60

Whatever color you want this woven lawn chair in, there’s a good chance Amazon has it; there’s a whopping 41 different combos to choose from. There’s also zero assembly required. Just pop it open from the seat down and you’re good to go. That means they can easily be stored away and transported too. They can also hold up to 300 pounds.

Need some more convincing? Here’s what a few people who bought them and left reviews on Amazon have to say:

“These chairs are the best! Well worth the higher price tag because they’re made in the USA to very high quality standards. They bring back great memories from decades ago, and are better made and better looking than they were back then!” — LV

“I purchased this chair for my elderly mom who needed a lightweight chair that she can easily carry to the beach. She kept saying she missed the webbed chairs of yesteryear, so I was thrilled to find these on Amazon. It is a very good quality chair, looks just like the ones we had growing up AND it’s made in the USA. Very happy with this purchase!” — HHI Girl 

“The light weight makes this easy to carry to the beach. The horizontal bar legs don’t sink in sand as much as four straight legs. A perfect beach chair.” — Maureen Melvin

“My elderly mom wanted something like this to take to sports games for the grandkids. She specifically said she wanted one of those ‘really lightweight ones like I used to have years ago.’ NOT easy to find because most of the chairs in stores are made from steel which adds weight. This one is literally feather light (like 4 lbs.) and exactly what she wanted. And I got her all black which she LOVED. My only complaint is that it was a birthday present and when the large box arrived at her home (I had it sent there because I live in another state and was visiting her for her special day) she happened to intercept it before I could from the delivery person and it had the ‘Lawn Chair USA’ all over the box so it ruined my surprise gift to her. But as far as the product goes, she couldn’t be happier with it.” — K. Neumann