Want to earn ,000 just by breaking a sweat? Here’s how.
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Want to earn $2,000 just by breaking a sweat? Here’s how.

The study is looking for people who do not regularly exercise.

SAN ANTONIO — Getting paid to exercise? A study at UT Health San Antonio is looking for people who don’t regularly work out. And you could be compensated up to $2,000. 

Up until now there has never been a clear understanding about how exercise improves our health deep within the body. This study, aims to change that. And all you have to do is burn some calories. 

Dr. Blake Rasmussen, the chair of the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology at the School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio, and the Director of Center for Metabolic Health at UT Health SA told us, “It’s the largest and most expensive study the National Institutes of Health have ever done on exercise. And the reason they’re interested in it is because we know exercise is good for us. But we don’t know at the molecular level or the genetic level, everything that’s happening. “

What are the benefits to participating in the study? You may experience an improvement in your overall health. Of course, they are offering up to $2,000 for participating. You will also help researchers understand how exercise reduces disease risk and you will help doctors to prescribe better exercise plans. 

“If we can identify pathways that could eventually be targeted by, by drugs, pharmaceuticals in the future or nutrition or something that may impact those pathways in a positive way, we may be able to replicate some of the beneficial effects we see with physical exercise,” Dr. Rasmussen added. 

So who is eligible? 

  • Adults 18 years of age or older. 
  • Those who do not have diabetes. 
  • Those who not regularly exercise. 
  • People who can participate in an exercise program three times a week for 12 weeks. 
  • And people who are able to attend between seven to 11 study visits over a six month period.

“You get a small portion, upon entry and randomization into the study, and then as you progress, each, few weeks into the study, the there’s the compensation continues. And until the very end,” Dr. Rasmussen said.