7 trends driving today’s kitchen renovations
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7 trends driving today’s kitchen renovations

Summer is the perfect time for kitchen renovations, and countertop selection is the heart of that process. Whether it’s the enduring appeal of quartz or the resurgent beauty of natural stone such as granite, quartzite, and marble, countertops are central to any kitchen transformation. The purpose of the renovation often guides these choices, reflecting the homeowner’s style and needs.

Here are seven trends driving today’s kitchen renovations.

1. Creating a more open layout

The open concept remains a favorite because it offers a more spacious environment, enhances social interactions, creates a sense of togetherness, and accommodates various activities, from cooking to dining to remote work. Removing walls between the kitchen and living areas promotes inclusivity and adds flexibility and freedom.

2. Maximizing space efficiency

For people with small kitchens or just a love for entertaining, using space more efficiently is essential. “Another trend we uncovered is remodeling the kitchen to utilize space better,” Scot Nichols, director of sales at Bedrock Quartz says. “A common refrain we hear from homeowners is that their previous layout is inefficient.”

This trend allows for greater functionality and personalization. Homeowners can now redesign their kitchen, making it more efficient and functional. Urban Ladder recommends adding cabinets that extend to the ceiling. Not only will this eliminate those hard-to-clean spots above the cabinets, but it will also allow for more storage room.

No matter how you want to create extra space, countertops adapt seamlessly to these new layouts, offering flexibility, whether larger, smaller, or repositioned.

3. Designing functional kitchen islands

Kitchen islands remain very popular and are becoming more versatile. They serve multiple purposes, creating cooking areas, dining spaces, and storage units. They may even include built-in appliances like microwaves, under-counter refrigerators and ice makers, enhancing their functionality. Combine an island with an open floor concept, and you have an inviting gathering area.

When you’re deciding where to place it in your space, be sure to keep a pathway in the kitchen triangle open. Madeline Buiano for Martha Stewart says the triangle is the area from the sink, refrigerator, and cooking appliance (like a stove). Even if it’s unavoidable to keep that entire area open, be sure not to block it off completely for easier cooking.

7 trends driving today's kitchen renovations
Photo: Bedrock Quartz

4. Enhancing storage solutions

Modern kitchens demand innovative storage solutions to address the inadequacies of older designs from the 1970s and 80s, especially in starter homes. However, even the more modest homes of the 1990s and 2000s may be surprisingly inadequate in terms of kitchen storage. Pull-out pantries, deep drawers, and smart corner units maximize space and organization, catering to the needs of contemporary families.

5. Introducing bold colors and textures

While neutral tones remain popular, dramatic ones like black quartz or dark-toned granite create a striking, elegant or even moody aesthetic. Bold colors and unique textures are making a comeback. Statement-piece countertops in daring colors like deep blues, forest or emerald greens, blacks and mixing colors with wood are becoming focal points in modern kitchen designs, according to Jessica Bennett from Better Homes & Gardens.

Color is king in kitchen remodels, but don’t forget texture and finish variations. Leathered and honed stone finishes provide a soft, tactile feel and a more subdued appearance compared to polished surfaces. Matte finishes and combining different textures within the kitchen to create contrast and depth are growing trends.

6. Mixing things up

From the countertop perspective, look at both perimeter counters and the island. Do you want both to be the same material? “Combining different countertop materials within the same kitchen to create visual interest is another trend on the rise,” Nichols says. Bold backsplashes with intricate patterns or textured tiles will add spark to the common kitchen.

7 trends driving today's kitchen renovations
Photo: Bedrock Quartz

7. Minimalist and sleek designs

Minimalist designs featuring clean lines and integrated appliances are trending. They focus on creating clutter-free, functional spaces that exude elegance and simplicity. This trend includes handleless cabinets, integrated appliances, and streamlined islands.

Regardless of the reason for gutting a kitchen and starting over, countertops are one of the main decisions homeowners must consider. Bedrock Quartz experts believe stone countertops are an excellent choice for any kitchen. Visit one of seven Utah showrooms to explore our exquisite options firsthand.